Every time we are commissioned to make a new Stained Glass or Leadlight window or panel, we always put the customer’s satisfaction and requirements first.

We feel that if a customer is going to pay for a personalised window or panel, they should get exactly what they want. Prior to commencing any work, we get all the information of what the customer likes or dislikes e.g., colour, design, privacy, lighting, Traditional, Australiana, or Contemporary. When all the information has been gathered we will design until the customer is totally satisfied.

Manufacture and Fitting:
After a design has been approved, the panel is then constructed by:

  - drawing a working plan;
  - cutting individual pieces of glass;
  - assembling the pieces of glass by inserting into lead extrusions;
  - soldering all joints;
  - sealing the panel completely with putty;
  - cleaning and polishing; and
  - installing into a pre-measured and stripped window/door etc.
I always give a personal lifetime guarantee on all of my workmanship. The most important requirement of ACT Stained Glass’ policy is the complete satisfaction of all our customers.