There's a lot of history in Australian buildings and furnishings, hand-made work with true craftsmanship, and it is our greatest satisfaction to conserve this craftsmanship in the restoration of old and deteriorated glass panels. The panels are carefully taken apart, cleaned and reassembled with as much of the original glass that's intact, hopefully surviving another one hundred odd years.

There are also the not so old panels that become victim to the odd football, cricket ball or slam, they too get treated with care and are repaired, rejuvenated and replaced in as new a condition as they were originally.

Manufacture and Fitting:
After a design has been approved, the panel is then constructed by:
  - drawing a working plan;
  - cutting individual pieces of glass;
  - assembling the pieces of glass by inserting into lead extrusions;
  - soldering all joints;
  - sealing the panel completely with putty;
  - cleaning and polishing; and
  - installing into a pre-measured and stripped window/door etc.
I always give a personal lifetime guarantee on all of my workmanship. The most important requirement of ACT Stained Glass’ policy is the complete satisfaction of all our customers.